15 ways to disrupt your industry

15 ways to challenge your or another industry. Remarkable disruptive innovations combine different types!

1. Make shortcuts

Examples: Dell / peer to peer lending / comparison shopping websites /  …
See also disintermediation on Wikipedia / cutting out the middleman

2. Challenge the existing rules (regulations)

Examples: Uber taxi, Airbnb, Bhaalu …
See also: the secret behind Airbnb and Uber

3. Dramatically reduce complexity

Examples: Twitter (140 characters), Nest learning thermostat, universal phone charger …
See also: Less is beautiful slideshare and the Less is beautiful book by Cyriel Kortleven

4. Remove one important element of your product of service

Examples: Dyson vaccuum cleaner (without filter), Cirque du Soleil (without animals), waterless toilet …

5. Be the first to go digital

Examples: iTunes, Amazon Kindle, eBay …
See also: 10 disruptive digital startups

6. Cut prices or go for free / freemium

Examples: Skype, Metro newspaper, Spotify …
See also: freemium on Wikipedia

7. Learn from other (more innovative) industries

“No candle-maker has become a bulb manufacturer and the post office did not invent the email.”
Example 1: BMW’s iDrive system was transferred from the game industry
Example 2: Nike Shox shoes were adapted from Formula One racing shock absorbers
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8. Develop new / closed ecosystems

Examples: Nespresso, Nike, Google; …
See also: 6 Ways Ecosystems Have Changed Our Roles and the Way We Work Slideshare

9. Look for new / unconventional target groups

Examples: Nintendo (for seniors); Zipcar (for people who don’t want to buy a car), …

10. Do the opposite

Examples: Ugly models (Modeling Agency in London. We like our women fat and our men geeky, we like the extremely tall and the shockingly small.), Beats by Dre (large headphones), …
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11. Combine different types of innovation

Examples: Apple, Amazon, Tesla, …
See also: 15 types of innovation and 10 types of innovation by Doblin

12. Do impossible things

Examples: Virgin Galactic, Ice-hotel, Dubai …
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13. Look for new business models

Examples: you know …
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14. Downgrading – start with low quality

Examples: YouTube in the beginning, First digital camera’s, EasyJet, …
See also: downgrading – frugal innovation – …

15. Sharing is the new buying

Examples: +400 examples 

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Marc Heleven / www.7ideas.be